TMT Bars

Rhetan TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are high-strength reinforcement bars having a tough outer core and a soft inner core. TMT bars are one of them most important construction materials that are widely used for building homes, multi-storeyed high rise, bridges, flyovers and other civil engineering structures. This is because TMT bars ensures high strength to the structures and improve their longevity. The properties of TMT bars include super ductility, superior strength, and weldability. Moreover, TMT bars are earthquake resistant. This makes them ideal for use in construction industry.

Round Bars

Round bars are manufactured using high quality mild steel, these bars are in adherence with international quality standards. Available in various diameters, these bars are extensively used for engineering component, forging industries, foundation bolts and shaftings.


Rhetan TMT Bar’s

Rhetan TMT Bars superior strength & mechanical properties come from using the world’s latest TMT technology which includes quenching & tempering Process during hot rolling. Complete control on the heat treatment also gives it a combination of higher strength and ductility, and makes it highly resistant to earthquakes. All the materials and processes are fully procured and managed in-house. It meets the specific demands of clients through a host of customized products, and comes with expert services in application and end use. Rhetan TMT bars go through an advanced, fully automatic, high-speed thermo mechanical Quenching and Tempering process in 3 stages.