Quality Checks (QC)

We believe that quality is a way of life. Quality consciousness permeates every level of our Company. Since strict quality standards are essential to create and maintain our chief position in the Market, the quality checks undergo 5 points of check at various levels from input, process, output and dispatch. To further assure our esteemed customers, we carry out quality check through our in-house fully equipped Laboratory.


The bars leaving the final mill stand at about 900 C° and are passed through a specially designed quenching box. The red hot bars are then subjected to sudden and intense cooling with a specially designed water spray system. The cooling time and the rate depend on the size of the bars, and are controlled by maintaining a desired temperature and flow rate in the cooling box. The surface gets quenched, cooling the outer layer of the bars to a temperature of 500 C° and forming a hard martensite structure. At the same time, the inner layer remains comparatively hot and austenitic in nature.

Self Tempering

Once the bars leave the quenching box, their core remains hot as compared to the surface, allowing heat to flow from the core to the outer surface causing tempering of the outer martensitic layer into structures called ‘Tempered Martensite’. The core still remains austenitic at this stage.

Atmospheric Cooling

The bars are finally placed on a cooling bed where the core is air-cooled into ductile Ferrite Pearlite structures. Thus, the final structures of Rhetan TMT Bars consists of a combination of a strong outer layer (Tempered Martensite) with a ductile core (Ferrite-Pearlite), living them an optimum combination of high strength and ductility.


Rhetan TMT Bars

Rhetan TMT Bars are manufactured from new-generation high-strength steel by using the most advanced Process. It imparts superior weldability, bendability and better bonding with concrete to the bars, along with high thermal and corrosion resistance. In this process, red hot steel bars are made to pass through water cooling (quenching) system, which cools their outer surface rapidly, leaving the core hot. Once out of the quenching chamber, heat flows outwards from the core to the surface, further tempering the bars. This process gives the TMT Bars unyielding strength, at the same time giving them superior weldability and bendability. The process imparts unquestionable superiority to Rhetan TMT Bars, which makes them the idle choice for a variety of applications.

TMT Bars


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