Why Rhetan TMT Bars

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Why Rhetan TMT Bars

High Strength

Our TMT Bars have much higher Yield Strength (Fe 500 grade) and Tensile Strength values as compared to normal bars. It has been proven that switching to high strength Rhetan TMT Bars helps bring down steel consumption in any construction, thereby saving costs up to 7%

Higher Bendability

The process used in the manufacturing of TMT Bars ensures a combination of Tempered Martensite on the outer surface, making it tough, and an inner core of fine-grain Ferrite- Pearlite. This makes the TMT Bars bendable and ideal for any RCC construction. Rhetan TMT Bars demonstrate good results even in the reverse bend test.

Higher Corrosion Resistance

Rhetan TMT Bars do not have Eutectoid Carbides, Pearlite Colonies and Torsional Residual Stress, thereby making them highly resistant to corrosion. The stability of the composite and the uniform microstructure reinforces their corrosion resistance property.

Better Bend Strength with Concrete

Rhetan TMT Bars have ribs at equal distance which ensures better bonding of steel with concrete and increases the strength of construction.

Higher Earthquake Resistance

The alloy chemistry and process parameters of Rhetan TMT Bars re controlled to achieve high stress ratio (UTS/YS) at a high level of ductility. This enables the steel bars to absorb higher elastic strain energy of the cyclic loading encountered during an earthquake. This makes Rhetan TMT Bars the ideal choice for a seismic design.

High Thermal Resistance

Rhetan TMT Bars have a uniform and dense layer of Tempered Martensitic rings on the outer surface. This causes the Bars to exhibit no major loss of strength at elevated temperatures.

Higher Weldability

Rhetan TMT Bars have a low carbon content and low carbon equivalent, resulting in superior weldability. Also, no pre-heating or post-warming is required in any of the welding processes, namely arc welding, flash butt welding, gas shielded semi-automatic working, gas pressure welding and resistance welding.



Our technology standards are at par with the quality benchmark set by the international steel industry. Rhetan TMT Bars exhibit reliable superior strength and high ductility which ensures superior structures. The advanced manufacturing process of Rhetan TMT Bars makes it well surpass the minimum limit of strength and ductility.